Firemonkey animate DAE 3D model (with animation key) in Delphi Xe6


I have a DAE 3Dmodel (collada) with animation key in my 3D model.

I tried to import to the Delphi Xe6 within the following steps :

File -> New -> “Firemonkey Desktop Apllication – Delphi”
Select “3D Firemonkey Application”
Add a “tmodel3d” and assign my DAE 3D model into “MeshCollection”. (

The 3D Model shows up. But….

How to make the FireMonkey show the animated key from my DAE 3D Model ?
Eg : How to show the animation I set from key 1 to 20 from my DAE 3D model ?

PS : The DAE 3D Model is imported from 3D Studio Max. So if the DAE is not the one, then I can import it to ASE.

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