Developer Skill Sprint: Effectively Using Delphi Generics with Ray Konopka


There was some confusion and a mix up with Ray Konopka’s developer skill sprint on Effectively Using Delphi Generics. We decided to move it to August 5th. So be sure to register for the new round of skill sprints and join us then.

August 5
Effectively Using Delphi Generics with Ray Konopka

August 7
Refactoring Object Pascal with Alister Christie

August 12
Behavior-Driven Development (BDD) with Roman Yankovsky

August 14
DataSnap Simple Calculator Service with Pawel Glowacki

August 19
Build an MVVM App in Twenty Minutes with Nick Hodges

August 21
JSON: The New INI File with Jeff Lefebvre

August 26
TMS Specifics with Bruno Fierens

August 28
New Object Pascal Language Features

September 2
Controlling Dynamic Field Creation in TDataSets with Cary Jensen

You can still catch the replays from the last series too, including the YouTube playlist and watch them all.

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