Delphi XE5 Firemonkey TTabItem and TEdit repaint coordination


I created a TTabControl with two TTabItems. On each TTabItem there is one (or more) TImageViewers and several TEdits. When I click on the TImageViewer, a modal screen pops up, I set some values, and I want to report those values to the user through the TEdits. So on returning from the Modal screen,
I execute

editn.text := whateveritis;

I then say


Nothing happens. I say TTabItem.repaint. Nothing happens. I click the other TTabIem and then come back to the first TabItem and, voila, the Edit control contains the right information. So my editn.text := whateveritis must be working (that’s the only write to the TEdit), but I can’t get the blinkin’ control to show the result without going off-tab. How do I get it to redisplay as soon as I change the content? Do I need to write an OnChange routine that is one line, self.repaint? Seems ugly, and I’d hope there’s a more global approach. Suggestions?

In light of initial comments, let me give more details. Setup: In main screen, drop in tabcontrol, and in tabcontrol drop in 2 tabitems. In tabitem1, drop in a timageviewer and 4 tedits (plus other stuff, probably irrelevant). Image gets dropped into the imageviewer (and displays correctly). The onclick event activates the following (ellipsis cuts out irrelevant code):

procedure TSCKMain.ImageViewer1Click(Sender: TObject);

lochold, scrollhold : tpoint;
backfromwavform : tmodalresult;

lochold.X := mouseloccallback.x;
lochold.Y := mouseloccallback.y;
scrollhold.X := round(imageviewer1.ViewportPosition.X);
scrollhold.Y := round(imageviewer1.ViewportPosition.Y);

repeat backfromwavform := Wavform.Showmodal until backfromwavform<>mrnone;
case backfromwavform of
mrOK : begin {blue end}
Specsingle.BlueEnd.X := lochold.X;
Specsingle.BlueEnd.y := lochold.y;
edit13.Text := inttostr(Specsingle.BlueEnd.X);
Edit14.Text := inttostr(Specsingle.BlueEnd.y);
PublicWindowFlag := ‘RePlot’;
mrContinue : begin {red end}
Specsingle.RedEnd.X := lochold.X;
Specsingle.RedEnd.y := lochold.y;
edit15.Text := inttostr(Specsingle.RedEnd.X);
Edit16.Text := inttostr(Specsingle.RedEnd.y);
PublicWindowFlag := ‘RePlot’;

if PublicWindowFlag<>’Cancel’ then
if PublicWindowFlag=’RePlot’ then
showmessage(‘Single image semaphore error. Debug.’);
Imageviewer1.scrollto(scrollhold.X-Imageviewer1.viewportposition.X, scrollhold.y-Imageviewer1.ViewportPosition.Y);

The modal screen sends back either mrContinue or mrOK correctly, and the appropriate case executes. However, edit13, edit14, edit15, and edit16 do not change their content. However, if I click over to Tabitem2 and back to Tabitem1, they DO repaint and DO contain the correct characters, which they could only have gotten from the above code. Conclusion: somehow, the edits aren’t repainting independently, but it’s not clear why.

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