Delphi Blogs of the Week #15


A little busy and it took a little to move the server hosting this blog, but here am I again with another round of links.
RAD Studio and Appmethod Development 

Calculated fields with no code by Malcolm at

SecureAuth available for Appmethod (should also work with RAD Studio) at

Nice article by Jordi on building a Delphi REST client to retrieve flickr statistics at

Customization of classes.dex for Android was covered by Jim in the last developer spring and in his blog post

And our Mobile Summer School is also back, read David I announcement at

Using a Navigation Drawer on Mobile is explained by Sarina at

Other Notable Blog Posts and News

Not to be left behind, after Microsoft with “Modern UI” and Apple (since their early days) now also Google has focus on design. Suggest link to visit is Their new UI is interesting, but quite diverging from the minimalism others are pushing for.
Some of the history and the why of the new Apple Swift language in


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