Create Image Button in FireMonkey


Applies to XE6, Firemonkey

I am creating a button with an image on it by customizing a TSpeedButton in firemonkey. I am doing this by adding an image to the TSpeedButton in the style editor. The new button works ok. I now want to make another image button so I thought I’d copy and paste the first button on the form. I changed the image in the copied button (via the style editor) and when I hit Apply and Close the new button gets the new image. However I also notice that the original button I copied from also get the new image. So now I have two buttons with the same image. Other than creating a completely new button and adding a new image (which does allow me to have buttons with unique images), is there a way to create buttons that have their own styles using copy/paste?

I noticed this question is related to How to edit a control within a FireMonkey style outside of the style designer? but here I want to do the same thing but from the IDE, not programmatically.

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