Try Out RAD Studio XE6 And Have A Chance To Win An Android Tablet


Tim Del Chiaro from Embarcadero has a new blog post up where he highlights a new promotion that Embarcadero is running. If you download, install, and activate RAD Studio XE6 Trial between now and June 30th you are entered to win one of 7 Sopy Xperia Z2 Android tablets. RAD Studio XE6 is both Delphi and C++Builder in one package and is running the latest version of Firemonkey. According to the trial and win page it says the Sony Xperia Z2 is also waterproof. One of the tablets has already been won by An van der Linde from Zwolle, Holland so there are only 6 left to win. If you calculate that out that means there is one tablet being given away every 2.33 days. Those sound like pretty good odds to me. If you’re running XE5 or a previous version this seems like a pretty good reason to check out the RAD Studio XE6 Trial. Unfortunately for me I already have XE6 but some of our other team members will probably sign up. Check out the full blog post from Tim about the promotion.
Skip the chatter and head directly to the Embarcadero Trial and Win page where you can register.

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