FMX component not find in the library path XE6


I have created a new component in delphiXE6.

file name = eliteSoftLogFMX (component name TeliteSoftLogFMX).

I have added the component to a package and added the platform win32, Android and IOS.

I have installed the component under all 3 platform. (added library path to the component itself and 3 additional path to Android\Debug, win32\debug etc).

I created a new application and put the component on the form (from pallete).
compiled in win32 working ok.

I switch to android platform. error.

the application is not searching (or not find) the component in the library path and is asking the file near other project files.

what can be the problem?

[DCC Fatal Error] Unit3.pas(7): F1026 File not found: ‘C:\Users\Admin\Documents\Embarcadero\Studio\Projects\eliteSoftLogFMX.dcu’
tks alot

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