Firemonkey model3d resetting position and rotation


I got a model that on startup has:

Position = (0,8,0);
RotationAngle = (0,180,180);

Added a function to rotate it by mouse… that changes model RotationAngle … and works fine.

Now I need a button to reset it to previous state, but setting Position and RotationAngle to values that were at beginning doesn’t work. Depending of the position from which it was reset I am getting different results after reset function…

Reset function looks like this:

Model3D1.Position.Vector := Vector3D(0,8,0);
Model3D1.RotationAngle.Vector := Vector3D(0,180,180);
Model3D1.Scale.Vector := Vector3D(50,50,50);

How do I really reset it state to the one at beginning?

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