Easy Delphi XE6 FireMonkey Controls TListBox and TStringGrid


By user3098527 How does one get columns into a FireMonkey TListBox and then get the values out of the columns for the rows a TListBox. I am using this approach:

vListRow := ‘Col1Stuff’ + ‘^I’ + ‘Col2Stuff’;

This is NOT giving me Col1Stuff in the 1st column and Col2Stuff in the 2nd Column.

I tried the TStringGrid Firemonkey control as an alternative, but the following approach is not working either:

vStringGrid.Cells[0,1] := ‘Hi’;
vStringGrid.Cells[0,2] := ‘There’;

This puts nothing in the TStringGrid.

Any tips? …read more

Via: StackOverflow

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