Delphi FireMonkey TListBoxItem click event for “header” items


By Tom I want to track clicks on TListBoxItem that are created like this:

TmpListBoxItem := TListBoxGroupHeader.Create(myListBox);
TmpListBoxItem.StyleLookup := ‘listboxgroupheader’;
TmpListBoxItem.HitTest := True;

The following events do not trigger an an event…

ListBox OnMouseDown
ListBox OnItemClick
ListBoxItem OnClick
e.g. ListBox OnItemClick does fire when it is for normal items:

TmpListBoxItem := TListBoxItem.Create(lbCatalog);
TmpListBoxItem.StyleLookup := ‘listboxitembottomdetail’;

I need to get events for “header” items as well… …read more

Via: StackOverflow

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