Celebrating 29 years playing with developer tools here in Scotts Valley


Today (June 17, 2014) marks 29 years working here in Scotts Valley with our developer tools. Philippe Kahn hired me and I started working for Borland International on this day in 1985. I continue to have tons of fun learning about programming, software architectures, tool chains, frameworks, devices, APIs and more. I wrote a blog post in 2011 detailing some of my journey for the first 26 years here. During the past 3 years we have extended the experience for developers into multi-tier, smartphones, tablets, devices and gadgets. Our team members around the world continue to devote themselves to moving the development process forward expanding what developers can do with one codebase on Windows, OSX, iOS and Android.  Our public product and technology roadmap continues to look forward while we also keep updating the quality and reach of our existing products, platforms, frameworks and technologies.
How long can I continue on this journey, helping developers and cheerleading software development around the world (physically and virtually)? For me, I can continue as long as the software engineering learning, fun, challenges, and opportunities keep on keeping on. Also, as long as I can wear tie dye.
Thank you to everyone who has helped me throughout my career. Thank you to our customers and the many industry experts that I can call my friends. Thank you to the Embarcadero worldwide team for graciously helping me. Most importantly, thank you to my family for allowing me to share my time with all of you.
What started with my first Fortran program, a prime number generator running on Cal Poly’s IBM 360 model 40 has turned into a non-stop computer science and software engineering fun fest for the past 45 years. I know I still have a lot more demos and applications to design, code, compile, debug and deploy.
It’s a wonderful programming world! Come join the software development fun with Embarcadero’s RAD Studio and Appmethod.
David Intersimone “David I”
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