Beta FireDataGrid Component Available For Delphi XE6 Firemonkey On Windows and OSX


Max Alexeev from Developer Machines has released a beta version of a new data grid component called FireDataGrid for Delphi XE6 Firemonkey. So far it looks like it is only available on Windows and Mac (hopefully Android and IOS will be available in the future). Features include sorting, grouping, fixed columns, filters, zooming, summaries, field chooser, quick customization, scrolling by rows,  scrolling by pixels, banded columns, row auto height mode, and column auto width mode. The help file lists all of the classes and component hierarchy. There is a sample download with multiple demos showing the datagrid capabilities. The demos include ‘Adding New Row Demo’, ‘Banded Table View Demo’, ‘Custom Editor Demo’, ‘Fixed Columns Demo’, ‘Large Data Set Demo’, ‘Microsoft Outlook Mode Demo’, ‘Multi Select Demo’, ‘Row Auto Height Demo’, and ‘Summaries Demo’. It looks like this will be a commercial product but the source is not available for purchase yet. It is unclear what limitations if any that the beta of the component has (other than source not being available).
Head over and check out the beta FireDataGrid component and download the demo.

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