Loading style from resource on Mac OS X


By Anthony Burg Using Firemonkey (FMX) in C++ Builder XE6, I am attempting to load a style in my project’s cpp file.

Just before

Application->Initialize ()

I have

Fmx::Types::TFmxObject *style;
style = TStyleStreaming::LoadFromResource((unsigned int)HInstance, L”MacJet”, RT_RCDATA);
TStyleManager::SetStyle (style);

where the style named MacJet has been loaded as a resource into the project at design time.

When I activate Win32 as the target platform, this runs fine, and the style shows properly in the application.

When I activate Mac OS X, however, I get an error on the style = … line, stating

“Exception class SIGSEGV (11).”

When I remove the three lines above and run on Mac, the program loads up.

I’m new to cross-platform development, any ideas what is causing this error? …read more

Via: StackOverflow

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