How can I speed up a mobile app written in Delphi? [on hold]


By Jamey McElveen I am building a mobile app written in Delphi XE6. The goal is to have a mobile view to some online data. The app takes about 5-8 seconds to load but that is not the problem I am most concerned about. Inside the app it is very sluggish, this is my concern. It appears that the app is using way too much memory when I analyze it with instruments using an iPhone 5 Device.

I am using REST components FireDAC/SQLite and about 8 screens with TListViews or TListBox. The app is slow when it opens and only the login screen and the database connection is open at that point.

I have tried several things to narrow down what is causing the performance issue and all indicators point to high memory usage. I placed a breakpoint on the very first line of code in the project source. On the first line of code the memory usage is already at 100% utilization. Any ideas of what I can do to lower the metric or gather further insight would be helpful.

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