Form border color and thickness on Firemonkey


By eelias XE5, I am using the MetropolisUIBlue style in this case (not the app template just the style) and I would like to get the same effect that office 2013, where you have a very thin application form border, the title bar is there with the standard icons (close, minimize) with everything following the same form background color.

The result in office 2013 is very nice presentation (for me), that looks visually
clean and light. and you still have the border to resize the form. This border is just
a simple thin black line around the form and the windows theme selected does not interfere.

Right now by default Firemonkey has a dark huge border frame that follows windows theme. (I am in windows 8)

How can I have the color following the same form background color?
How can I reduce to minimum (if possible just a thin line) the form border?
How can I block windows to apply its themes on the form border? …read more

Via: StackOverflow

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