Firemonkey Mobile Master/Detail Database Apps with FireDAC


Description :  Building Mobile Master/Detail Database Applications with FireDAC.
Objective: You will learn how to leverage the FireDAC components and also write cross platform code where required with master/detail data model examples.
Presenter: Marco Cantù, Embarcadero Technologies.
Event:  CodeRage Mobile Session (2013)
Software Versions Supported: Delphi XE5, Delphi XE6, RAD Studio XE6, C++ Builder XE6
Level: Intermediate
FireDAC is a Universal Data Access library/components for developing cross-platform database applications for Delphi and C++ Builder.  FireDAC enables native high-speed direct access to MySQL, SQLite, Oracle, SQL Server, IBM DB2, InterBase, PostgreSQL, Firebird, Informix, SQL Anywhere, Access and more.
Marco Cantù from Embarcadero Technologies does a great job explaining how to use FireDAC components across all of the Delphi target platforms using IBLite and IBToGo. However, FireDAC can be use just the same way with SQLite.
The FireDAC native driver supports SQLite database version 3.0 and later. For a detailed discussion on SQLite usage in FireDAC for a Delphi application, read the “Using SQLite with FireDAC” article.
Using SQLite in your application will require that the sqlite3.dll file be present on your development system. If this file is not present, download sqlite3.dll from to your system path (such as C:WindowsSysWOW64 for 64-bit Windows).

For more information on usage of FireDAC in mobile applications  read the “Using FireDAC in Mobile Applications (iOS and Android)” article.

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