Developer Skill Sprints by Embarcadero


Today JT kicked off the new Embarcadero webinar series called “Developer Skill Sprints”. This event will run twice a week, until the end of June, on Tuesdays and Thursdays. It runs 3 times a day (more of less the standard webinar times) and it is a short and focused how-to session (taking 20 to 30 minutes plus questions and answers).
More information on the schedule and the sign up for are available at

Topics for the month include:

Use C++ Packages in your 64bit Windows Applications
Remote Control a Windows App from a Mobile Device
Add Taskbar Controls to Modernize your Windows Applications
Modernize your Windows Look and Feel with TMS Modern UI Bonus Pack
Add Ads to Monetize your Mobile App
Create and Consume a Custom REST API
Push a Notification from your Windows App to your Mobile Apps with Kinvey BaaS
Manage User Accounts and Storage with Parse BaaS
Create a Tablet-specific VCL Windows App
Talk to GPS and Accelerometer on your Windows Tablet with VCL

I’ll be doing some of the sessions, I’m likely going to tweet about my actual session one of two days before each (so follow me on Twitter or Facebook for specific session updates, if you don’t do this already). I’m going to do one or two next week, for example.


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