Delphi Blogs of the Week #13


Another round of my now bi-weekly list of relevant blog posts about Delphi, RAD Studio, C++Builder and more.
Delphi and XE6

Dmitry has published on his own site a very detailed list of changes, bug fixes, and improvements to FireDAC in XE6. There is much more than in the official product documentation. The article is at

There is an accessibility add on for FireMonkey desktop, as you can read on

A long article (much more than a blog post) written by Cary Jensen about “Simplifying LiveBindings Configuration in Mobile Apps Using Frames” is online at

FireMonkey frames and custom styles explored at

Full Delphi interfaces for different Android SDK versions are now available on GitHub at (this is a great contribution by the FMX Express developers for the community)

Sarina discusses the new XE6 tint property for FMX at

A tip by Jim on using GitHub from Delphi at

Special Links and Blog Posts

Nick’s book has a web site,

I was interviewed while in Taiwan, but cannot really read the Chinese text. It’s me in the picture, though. Link is

The very special blog post of the month might as well be “Why Delphi and why now?” by Steve Peacocke at Recommended reading for all old-timer Delphi developers, who think of migrating their code (and knowledge).


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