Comprehensive Set Of Native Components For Delphi XE6 Firemonkey On IOS


Babak Yaghoobi released a new version of the DPF Native IOS Components with support for Delphi XE6 Firemonkey. The way Firemonkey controls work is they are manually drawn by Firemonkey to mimic the controls on each platform. The way normal Delphi for Windows works is that it wraps the Windows API for drawing the native Windows controls. The DPF Native IOS Components suite provides this same type of native control wrapper for IOS devices using the native IOS controls. Just as one example the DPF IOS text edit controls automatically provide the text auto completion functionality because they are the native IOS controls. The normal Firemonkey TEdit control does not have the auto completion functionality provided by Apple. One drawback to using DPF IOS is that you can’t use Firemonkey controls within the same form as DPF IOS because it takes over the drawing of the form as well. However, you can have a DPF IOS drawn form and a normal Firemonkey form within the same IOS app. There are over 90 different demos for doing everything from the AddressBook to Calender to GameCenter to iAds to MapView to VideoCapture and WebView. DPF IOS are free open source components but Babak is accepting donations so if you use them contributing something back would be nice. We’ve written about this component suite before for Delphi XE5 and it should work in AppMethod as well. There is also a second set of native component wrappers for Android. Here are the release notes:
v8.5.2 – 2014/05/03
+ Added Delphi XE6 Support
+ Added TDPFUICollectionView Component
+ Added TDPFMapView.RemoveAllAnnotation Method
+ Added TDPFMapView.RemoveAllOverlays Method
+ Added property TagStr to TDPFSegmentedControlItem
+ Added TMKMapView AddAnnotation TagStr Parameter
+ Added TMKMapView OnAnnotationClick PAnnotationInfo Parameter
+ Added TMKMapView OnAnnotationCalloutClick PAnnotationInfo Parameter
* Change RateApp store path to /Library/Preferences folder
– Fixed TDPFUITextView setText
– Fixed TDPFUIView height when align eq left,right,..
– Fixed InAppPurchase compile error
– Fixed Shadow Position
– Fixed Touch & Drag Buttun
– Fixed Combobox show items
Head over and check out all the functionality of the DPF Native IOS Component Suite before downloading it.

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