Why I cannot set other platforms when using Firemonkey Metropolis UI application?


Testing the different options of platform targets i have found this information on the delphi xe5 help:

Note: You cannot set OS X as the target platform for a Metropolis UI application.

FireMonkey Metropolis UI Application

I have searched for more answers on that and could not find what is the real reason it is not permited.

I would like to have the same looking of the application on windows and android tablet. (I know that I can use a “regular” FMX app and make that other way, however I have no idea what are the restrictions, since I believed FMX should be always crossplatform, considering just plain FMX app)

EDIT: My final objective for my current project is to create an application with the look and feel of Win Metro, but not WinRT compatible, and use this app on Win32(XP/7/8) and Android Tablets. I dont want to follow ANY platform specific rules, only have the closest possible working behavior as the Delphi generated win32 application.

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