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I just watched the 2ndΒ Launch Webinar Today for Delphi XE6, C++Builder XE6 and RAD Studio XE6.
Below my signature is the Q&A of it. A whole lot of them (:
Welcome to this Embarcadero webinar event!

Q: hello
A: Hello. We will be starting a a little bit.

Q: I have no audio πŸ™ , this is a firewall issue down here
A: Sorry to hear that. We will have a replay available later. Not sure if any way around the audio issue. Odd that a firewall would block the audio and not the video.

Q: Where can I find the list of performance increase in firemonkey platform? Thanks
A: XE6 contains a number of perrormance and bug fixes along with some great new features.

Q: is it important microphone in this webinar*
A: no microphone is necessary

Q: When will be start?
A: Probably start in about 10 minutes.

Q: hello from Istanbul
A: Hello Emrah

Q: Will it start on Delphi or c++?
A: Both πŸ™‚

Q: Hello from Oklahoma!
A: Hi Allen

Q: Hello from Brazil πŸ™‚
A: Hi Eric

Q: Hello from Turkey,
A: Hello Sayat, Welcome

Q: what new components will be added in XE6?
A: We will show you in this webinar

Q: Hello from The Netherlands
A: Hi Ben

Q: Hello from Iowa
A: Hello Nick

Q: How long till we begin? πŸ™‚
A: In a few minutes

Q: Hi from Germany
A: Hi Matthias

Q: hello from Italy
A: Ciao, also from Italy – Marco

Q: Hello from Denver
A: Hi Ian

Q: Hello from Minnesota!
A: Hello Wynn

Q: Hello from Czech Republic
A: Hi Michal

Q: Hello from Turkey, This Is Sayat
A: Welcome Sayat

Q: I’m from Catania Italy
A: Buonasera da Piacenza – Italy

Q: hello from Germany too πŸ™‚
A: Hello from Boise, Idaho.

Q: Is there still no way to add a splash screen for Android? Showstopper!
A: There are actually several ways to add a splash screen to Android

Q: Hello from Toronto
A: Hello from Nampa, Idaho. πŸ˜‰

Q: Hi, I’m from Washington.
A: Hello from Nampa, Idaho. πŸ˜‰ I used to live up in northern Washington.

Q: Hello from the netherlands
A: Hello from Nampa, Idaho. πŸ˜‰

Q: Hello from poland..:)
A: Hello from Nampa, Idaho. πŸ˜‰

Q: Hello from Sunny California, USA
A: Hello from Nampa, Idaho. πŸ˜‰

Q: buonasera da Napoli
A: buonasera da Piacenza – Marco

Q: Hello Jim
A: Hello Ray!

Q: Hello from Poland
A: Hello from US and Italy

Q: Hello from Seattle
A: Hello from Nampa, Idaho. πŸ˜‰

Q: Hello from Germany!
A: Hello from US and Italy

Q: Hello from Ohio
A: Hello from Nampa, Idaho. πŸ˜‰

Q: Hello form Ukraine
A: Hello from US and Italy

Q: I hope it starts soon
A: wish granted

Q: Hello from a small town in northern Colorado!
A: Hello from a small town in Idaho.

Q: Are there any improvements to documentation?
A: http://docwiki.embarcadero.com/RADStudio/XE6/en/Main_Page

Q: Does it have 32 bit support?
A: Yes it does.

Q: Hello From Turkey
A: Hi Mehmet

Q: Hello from Brazil, SP! πŸ˜€
A: Welcome Gustavo

Q: Hi! From Milan, Italy.
A: Ciao Marco

Q: when will XE6 be available?
A: XE6 is available today. You can download a free trial or purchase from our online store https://store.embarcadero.com, from an Embarcadero partner, or Sales

Q: Will be able to use STL library (std::map, std::auto_ptr…) in Android projects in new C++Builder XE6? Thanks.
A: Yes, STL is supported in C++ for Android

Q: I’ve tried a few splash methods and none worked. The problem is getting it to display before the app is initialized.
A: We can put a blog post together about some of the alternative approaches

Q: Hello from Tampa
A: Hi Francisco

Q: And another hello from Germany!
A: Welcome Achim

Q: Hello from Rio de Janeiro – Brasil
A: Hi Alberto

Q: Hi from Greece
A: Welcome Athanasios

Q: Hi friends!!! from Argentina
A: Welcome Carlos

Q: The vcl app developed with xe6 run on winxp or not?
A: Yes, although Windows XP is not officially supprted there is nothing in XE6 that will prevent you from building apps that can run on it

Q: Do you plan publish tutorial [Android projects in C++Builder XE6]? Thanks.
A: This mobile tutorial also covers C++Builder now http://docwiki.embarcadero.com/RADStudio/XE6/en/Mobile_Tutorial:_Creating_a_FireMonkey_Mobile_Application_(iOS_and_Android)

Q: why is app thethering only working from the same subnet?
A: We designed it to be a “near field” solution, typically near the tethered app, think of it as an extension to the UI of an app that is within the same room or building

Q: Does Firemonkey supports OpenGL?
A: Yes, OpenGL on Mac OS X, and Open GL ES on Android and iOS

Q: Will there be a way to use the native Android webbrowser in a firemonkey app?
A: Yes, there is a web browser control available for Android apps

Q: If i have Rad Studio XE5 with 1 year insurance I have to pay for XE6 ?
A: If your Support and Maintenance subscription is current – then you will receive XE6 under that subcription. You would not have to pay add’l to receive.

Q: White paper on BaaS anywhere?
A: We don’t have a white paper on BaaS yet. Here’s a link to the documentation with a how-to example http://docwiki.embarcadero.com/RADStudio/XE6/en/Creating_the_Application#REST_BAAS_framework

Q: Hello from Turkey
A: Hi Medhi

Q: Hello from Colombia
A: Hola Jhon

Q: Hello from Austria!
A: Hi Roman

Q: when you’ll be adding support for Windows Phone platform?
A: We have not published a timeline for Windows Phone platform support but keep an eye on our reguarly published roadmap

Q: Hello from Brazil – RS πŸ™‚
A: Welcome Rene

Q: so is there possibility to use new Vcl in developing Android apps?
A: You will build Android apps in FM – but can tether that Android app to a VCL desktop application. VCL is desktop only.

Q: Hi from Calgary
A: Welcome Alexander

Q: Will the current mobile package install under xe6 pro? I have SA for xe5 pro and for mobile pak. When will mobile pak be upgraded from xe5?
A: The Mobile Add-On Pack is tied to the Delphi or C++Builder Professional IDE version. If you have SA both, you should have access to the XE6 version of both from the Maintenance Portal. Please submit a support case if you don’t see it.

Q: Hello from the UK, I’m Orfeas
A: Hi Orfeas

Q: just bought xe5 earlier this year: is XE6 not a free upgrade for recent licencees? i recall that it used to be that way
A: You can recharge your XE5 license to XE6 for a much lower cost than an upgrade if you are not on a support and maintenance subscription.

Q: Are all platform compliers 64-bit? If not, which platforms besides Windows have 64-bit support now?
A: all other non-Windows platform compilers are 32-bit

Q: I understand there are a lot of C++ 11 features built into the Clang 64 bit compiler. Are there any plans to implement those same C++ 11 features in the 32 bit compiler?
A: yes, these features are in our published roadmap

Q: Can XE6 be legend like Delphi 6? πŸ™‚
A: Indeed it can!

Q: Here is Frankfurt/Germany.
A: Hi Achim

Q: YES! C++ for Android!
A: Woohoo!

Q: Why always c++ is behind Delphi in each version of RAD, for example here in XE6 google glass is added to Delphi and not in C++… why there is no parallel-Added-new-Features regarding c++ and Delphi?
A: Google glass is supported in C++, all the features you see today are fully supported in C++ as well as Delphi

Q: Are there any new iOS and Android styles in XE6
A: iOS7 and KitKat styles (although we did make them avaiable to XE5 users too)

Q: When will this webinar end?
A: The presentation will end around 12PM PDT but we will stay on to answer questions live for another 30 minutes or so

Q: If I want to develop a 64bit windows App using VCL, can I link that to a 32bit app for android?
A: With App Tethering, yes

Q: Are there differences between the C++ support in Android and the 64-bit Wiondows C++ support?
A: The only difference is the STL library, we support Dinkumware on Windows and GNU STL on Android, the language support is the same

Q: Were in docwiki.embarcadero.com we can find C++ examples for Android? Thank you.
A: Code snippets are available at http://www.embarcadero.com/products/rad-studio/android-ios-code-samples-xe6. On the docwiki you can see C++ Android info and tutorial links from the home page or search for other Android topics.

Q: I meant; is there a way implement a ‘NATIVE Andoid mapview’ in a firemonkey app?
A: You have direct access to all of the Android native APIs, but there is also a 3rd party native mapview component http://www.helpandweb.com/ecmap/en/tecnativemap.htm

Q: Will the webinar be downloadable for the rest of my team?
A: Yes. We will send a follow-up email with a link to the webinar replay within the next week.

Q: The XE6 Delphi will compile for Linux?
A: Windows (32-bit and 64-bit), Mac OS X, iOS and Android

Q: Is Taskbar-Preview also available for FMX-Programs?
A: No the component is only in the VCL (for now), although the core APIs can be called also from FMX

Q: Hello from Spain!!!!
A: hello

Q: Does “AppTethering” mean tying a single mobile device with a single desktop app, or about supporting multiple mobiles? (ala a store shoppoer experience app)
A: it is for extend the UX a single application to multiple devices not fixed to the desktop – ie Desktop -> Mobile and Wearables. You could also provide access by other users/customers. Example: Retail Point Of Sale application at the checkout counter – and a tethered mobile app for the sales personel to do price lookups in the sales floor. Great for extending existing VCL applications with mobile UIs for certain features.

Q: Firemonkey apps file size seem a lot larger than native apps written in iOS and Java. Does XE6 helps with reducing the file size for these apps?
A: FireMonkey applications include the library itself in the runtime, which is why they are quite big. Other applications (like games) with a runtime are generally big.

Q: Q: Is there a support (headers) for OpenCL 1.2 and 2.0, AMP+ and the latest versions of OpenCL and DirectX?
A: DirectX 11 is supported in XE6

Q: Is it possible to change app style via this very new feature in runtime?
A: Yes, you can set the default at design time, but can also be changed at runtime – and includes Windows 8.1 styles as well as other modern styles

Q: Will the webinar replay include the audience questions?
A: Yes it will

Q: Do you have windows 32-bit support?
A: Yes

Q: Is there any firemonkey improvement?
A: Lots of performance and quality improvements to Firemonkey. Over 2500 issues resolved in XE6. Major focus on quality and performance.

Q: Love Apps tethering!!!
A: πŸ™‚ how many use cases can you think of?

Q: Along with Glass, are there templates for other “android wear” form factors, such as the Motorola 360 watch? I want that watch…
A: We will be adding additional styles for other wearables – however you can also build a custom style of virtually any form factor android or iOS based device.

Q: can we now create 64-bit packages
A: For C++, yes!

Q: QPS Fix List http://edn.embarcadero.com/article/43754
A: Yes. As you can see, a big focus on quality and performance in XE6.

Q: Will App tethering work also with MacOS (FMX)?
A: Yes will work with VCL (Windows) and FM (Win, MacOS, iOS, Android, even Google Glass)

Q: I’m likin’ this app tethering thing πŸ™‚
A: Thanks πŸ™‚

Q: Can you use it to send information from the desktop to the phone app?
A: Yes you can

Q: With a tethered app, can you send info from the VCL app to the tethered mobile app?
A: Yes you can

Q: So I could write an music playing desktop app for my sound system and use a tethered Google glass app to scroll through and choose my music?
A: Yes! Nice idea.

Q: app tethering works for 2 vcl apps in same net Pc <> PC?
A: yes, pc to pc, pc to mobile, mobile to mobile, mobile to pc, any combination

Q: Is it possible to use the tethering functions to send data from the destop to the modile?
A: Yes, that is the concept. Take an existing desktop app (or build a new one) – and you can send data and trigger events back and forth between a mobile app or wearable app.

Q: Are these new tools available for Delphi too or just on the C++ side?
A: All the new features shown today are available in Delphi, C++Builder and RAD Studio.

Q: Can two phones tether/communicate to each other? iOS to iOS? iOS to Android?
A: yes, that would work

Q: Whats the advantage of tethering over using traditional sockets?
A: Tethering makes it extremely easy. And extremely easy to add to an existing application, say VCL Desktop app for example.

Q: Thanks Embarcadero for C++ Android!!!
A: You are welcome!

Q: Is there a feature included in Delphi and no in C++ in XE6?
A: Nothing specific, all features are available to C++ in XE6

Q: So google glass could be used to control music playing in my iPhone as I go on my walk?
A: Yes, exactly the idea.

Q: Is tethering limited to local network connections? Can I tether mobile to mobile that are countries away, for instance?
A: Yes, must be on local sub-net – meant for near devices. bluetooth will come later

Q: Are all BaaS-providers based on a base-class so it’s easy to write own providers eg. for cloudbase.io?
A: Yes, and each service as well

Q: Can one use the push notification without BAAS services – i.e. sending from delphi app direct to APNS or GCM?
A: Yes, although you would need to setup your own server

Q: Can I send info using tethered between FM and IOS app. created using xcode?
A: Theoretically yes, Tethering uses REST/JSON – but the components make is super simple. You would need to write code in XCode.

Q: Works C++ for Android with Data-Snap?
A: Yes

Q: And thank you for all the bug fixes. That the right way! Move ahead!
A: You are welcome.

Q: Have you reduced the code size for the produced Android and IOS app.?
A: We have made some improvement in code size, yes

Q: Does just Delphi XE6 Pro allow to write any kind (not only REST) of Datasnap client application including TFDJSONDataSets and consuming FireDAC datasets with changes in deltas?
A: DataSnap is a feature of Enterprise, Ultimate and Architect editions.

Q: What kind of security / encryption is available for app tethering?
A: First, it only meant for near proximity devices on same subnet. Communicates via REST/JSON – so HTTPS is possible.

Q: Is there a custom cloud provider interface?
A: Yes, you can build or add add’l providers. We plan to add more providers and are working with more BAAS vendors for add’l providers.

Q: App Tethering, Is there security options to control which applications and devices can talk together? Is the Tethering encrypted or support encryption?
A: Tethering communicatons are not encrypted, they use HTTP and REST, but apps connect on a shared subnet so you can secure your wifi

Q: Can multiple devices “pair” with an app?
A: Yes, you can make multiple connections, see the chat demo

Q: Can tethering be used via a soap service?
A: REST only for now

Q: You will provide suport for StackMob, or only for Kinvey and Parse?
A: We include support for Parse and Kinvey. We expect others to create components too. Probably not StackMob since they are shutting down.

Q: You will provide suport for StackMob, or only for Kinvey and Parse?
A: Kinvey and Parse to start, but it’s an open platform which any vendor can add provider, we are working with add’l vendors so more vendors coming.

Q: Can you fully delevelp/test using the trial version or are there certain limitations?
A: The only limitation is no deployment (other than for debugging/testing purposes) is allowed

Q: Can you fully delevelp/test using the trial version or are there certain limitations?
A: BiDi mode is not supported in FM in XE6

Q: What about BiDi mode for FM for RTL languages? Is XE6 Supports?
A: BiDi mode for FM in XE6 is not supported yet

Q: We are concerned about Heartbleed? Is RAD is out of this security issue?
A: We don’t ship OpenSSL, although some of our customers might be using a version of it.

Q: Is it (BiDi mode) on the Roadmap?
A: It is, but we don;t have a definitive timeframe

Q: Are there components to access iBeacons?
A: Not components, you’ll have to use the API

Q: I just love that you guys run on Macs!
A: It is a great environment, Windows works really well in VMWare and Parallels

Q: Any improvements in using Android Emulators? Or are we still going to have to use the device for most development? Looks like you are using a device in this Webinar…
A: We don’t develop the emulators, they come from Google, and they are notoriously slow

Q: What about VCL: Form scaling on high-dpi Windows settings, i.E. 150% or 200%? Is there a (new) property in the Form which can be used to determine the dpi settings on which the form was *designed*.
A: There is a DPI property, but the mix of DPI and fonts and other factors is not simple to manage always. We are looking to ways to improve this.

Q: Is tethering with multiple devices to one app possible? Does it make sense?
A: Yes, you can tether multiple devices. This could make sense to have a mobile app tethered to a desktop app- and a wearable tethered to the mobile and/or desktop app – up to your creativity.

Q: Been waiting for this persistent field feature for 15 years. My life is complete now πŸ™‚
A: Awesome!

Q: Does TWebBrowser support pinch zoom in XE6?
A: Yes, I just tested it on my Android phone and it works great.

Q: Will you apply these ‘fixes’ to ‘issues’ back to XE5?? Seriously
A: XE5 has received two major updates but we do not plan to backport all of these bug fixes to XE5

Q: When we can buy XE6 and exist update price for XE5 user?
A: XE6 is available now. You can visit our online store at https://store.embarcadero.com for pricing in most countries. If you’re an XE5 user, click the Recharge link to see your Recharge from XE5 upgrade price that is more than 50% off the regular upgrade price.

Q: When we can buy XE6 and exist update price for XE5 user?
A: Yes, and a lower cost recharge price for XE5 users

Q: Hello from davenport, Iowa
A: hello

Q: Hello from Germany
A: hello

Q: Hello from Brazil
A: hello

Q: HI From Holland
A: hello

Q: Hi and good evening!
A: hello

Q: Are there any plans to push the fixes for the “2000 reported issues” into XE5?
A: No, XE5 had recevied two major updates

Q: How many participants are we today?
A: Many, more than the usual

Q: Hello from Sweden
A: hello

Q: Hello from Manchester
A: hello

Q: Hello from BC, Canada
A: hello

Q: I’am not Matthias, I’am Harry,
A: hello

Q: hello to everyone
A: hello

Q: Hello from Germany
A: hello

Q: Hello from Brasil
A: hello

Q: XE5 ‘recharge’ should be significantly less… especially if purchased within last 6 months
A: It is more than half the upgrade price

Q: Hello from Argentina!
A: hello

Q: Good job, you have done something that is really great in the market.
A: Thanks!

Q: Hello from Germany
A: hello

Q: Hello from Colombia :d
A: hello

Q: Hello from POLAND
A: hello

Q: Good job, you have done something that is really great in the market.
A: Thank you!

Q: Hello from Norway
A: hello

Q: do you provide student pricing?
A: Yes we do

Q: Bought XE 6 today through the recharge program πŸ™‚
A: Nice! Congrats.

Q: Hello from Florence Alabama that is
A: Hello from USA and Italy

Q: hello from Brasil
A: Hello from USA and Italy

Q: Hello from Greece.
A: Hello from USA and Italy

Q: hello from a sunny Holland
A: Hello from USA and Italy

Q: Is there any place to introduce major android/ios apps written by delphi?
A: We’ll continue to add them to the application showcase as people let us know about them https://www.embarcadero.com/products/rad-studio/application-showcase

Q: hello from Arizona
A: Hello from USA and Italy

Q: Hello from Barcelona, Spain
A: Hello from USA and Italy

Q: Hello from Switzerland – the Home of Pascal
A: Hello from USA and Italy

Q: Hello from Mexico …
A: Hello from USA and Italy

Q: When we can buy XE6 and exist update price for XE5 user?
A: You may recharge an XE5 license to XE6 for lower price – or upgrade price to XE6 from earlier versions back to XE2.

Q: hello from Poland πŸ˜‰
A: Hello from USA and Italy

Q: if there are bugs you’re not going to apply back to XE5 you should REALLY cut us a BIG break
A: That is the purpose of the recharge SKU – it is more than 50% less than the usual upgrade price

Q: hi from germany
A: Hello from USA and Italy

Q: Hello from Spain too!
A: Hello from USA and Italy

Q: The most crucial feature in the next version of what is waiting for us?
A: Check out the published roadmap

Q: what I realy miss is documentation will there be more documentation with xe6?
A: We have expanded the current documentation and added coverage for (most) new features

Q: What about native iOS and OS X components for FireMonkey applications.
A: We do support some native controls but we are actively researching this

Q: why not apk size wiil be change?
A: It is somehow similar in size, compared to XE5

Q: IΒ΄m on SA and have already received and installed my XE6.. Am I eligible for TMS Modern Windows UI Pack??
A: Yes!

Q: saw that version in XE5 firemonkey lacks the Richtext component. The XE6 is this component?
A: Correct, there is no RTF component in FMX

Q: Can tethering handle HD video, or just still pictures/text?
A: Text and images. We might consider streaming in the future.

Q: Will Linux support is on your roadmap?
A: Yes, for server side applications

Q: Can “Error insight” function correctly with type helpers ? (for example, in System.Classes)
A: We have made some improvements, many more are coming.

Q: What about native iOS and OS X components for FireMonkey applications.
A: Many of the FM components render native UI, and you have direct access to any native API at all times – however there are several 3rd party native component packs for iOS such as TMS http://www.tmssoftware.com/site/tmsicl.asp and DPF http://sourceforge.net/projects/dpfdelphiios/

Q: Where can I find the student pricing information?
A: Academic licensing is mostly done through our reseller partners. You can click Buy Now on our web site and find a reseller partner that serves your area. Or choose the Contact Sales option to contaact our sales team.

Q: Someone fancies an cup of coffee?
A: thanks for the offer of coffe

Q: Very interesting!
A: thanks

Q: Yes, Mac is a great environment. What about native iOS and OS X components for FireMonkey applications.
A: You have direct access to any native API and there are 3rd party iOS and OSX component packs such as http://www.tmssoftware.com/site/tmsicl.asp or http://sourceforge.net/projects/dpfdelphiios/

Q: How much will cost the recharge to XE6 from XE5 ?/
A: less than half the cost of an upgrade – depends on which edition

Q: FireMonkey improvements will be carried to future versions of Appmethod (in parallel)?
A: Yes, there is an appmethod update in the works that also will receive all the XE6 capabilities.

Q: Is FastReport include in C++ Builder XE6?
A: FastReport for VCL and FMX are available as separate downloads for XE6 registered users at http://cc.embarcadero.com/reg/rad_studio

Q: C++ in Android apps in Appmethod?
A: In the next release of Appmethod

Q: Is teh fix list available?
A: Fixed bugs reported via QC is at http://edn.embarcadero.com/article/43754

Q: I’m on SA for Delphi Enterprise untill October. Should I stay with that or should I move to Recharge option?
A: if you are already on SA, you should stay with it, it is a cheaper option if you are already on it

Q: Is there an update coming for XE5?
A: No more major updates planned for XE5 at this point.

Q: I am an XE5 user.. I got an email with serial number for XE6.. I downloaded it.. I just checked it desn’t say anything about trail version..
A: Correct, you have a fulll version

Q: You’re all still echoing
A: Sorry, not sure why

Q: XE6 is very exciting! Thank you very much and congratulations for all the team!! Keep up the great work for future versions!!
A: Thanks Eric

Q: What will be the prices of recharge?
A: Visit our online store at https://store.embarcadero.com or one of our reseller partner sites or contact sales to get pricing in your area.

Q: When will Linux support be available?
A: We haven’t announced a release plan for that

Q: HI there; Do you have a link to the future development roadmap? (Interested in Win based Web App Development, HTMLBuilder is okay, but we’re a Delphi not a PHP shop).
A: http://edn.embarcadero.com/article/43677

Q: can you mix devices, android and iOS, Windows for tethering?
A: Absolutely

Q: Will XE6 compile for Windows 8 Phone?
A: That’s not a supported deployment platform in XE6.

Q: can you mix devices, android and iOS, Windows for tethering?
A: Yes, that is the idea. Windows -> Mobile for example

Q: Where can i get Delphi future roadmap?
A: It is published on EDN

Q: What do you get with Rad Studio Ent that you don’t get with the Delphi Ent SKU?
A: C++ and HTML5 Builder

Q: Is SQLite database encryption in FireDAC on Moblie available/planed?
A: Not planned but IBToGo does provide encryption

Q: HTML5 Builder is not available anymore?
A: It is available as part of RAD Studio

Q: Many of the FM components look terrible on the ios device.
A: Are you using the proper style file?

Q: are data controls avaialbe in firemonkey or do we still need to use live binding
A: all controls are data aware with live bindings (you do not have to use the visual live binding designer) far more flexible

Q: Appmethod update ETA?
A: This summer

Q: Will there be “Starter” and “Academic” choices on the XE6 purchase page ? They do not exist yet…
A: C++Builder XE6 Starter is there. Delphi XE6 Starter seems to be missing and will be added. Academic products are available from Embarcadero Sales or through our reseller partners.

Q: Where there any changes made to HTML5 Builder?
A: Yes, some library support has been updated to the latest

Q: What are the limitations of Tethering?
A: can you be more specific? tethering can be used for many different use cases and device types.

Q: Is BaaS available in xe6 pro with mobile addon?
A: Yes it is.

Q: Where is the updated future roadmap and when did you updated ?
A: It was updated about a month ago and is on the EDN site

Q: Which version of Fast Reports VCL is included? (I assume the latest)
A: Version 4

Q: You must create stability in your development environment, XE5 components took time to arrive, then once they arrive you inform us today the XE 5 environment with 2000+ bugs is gone and you must wait again for your component vendors.
A: Most of the 3rd party component vendors are supporting XE6 already

Q: Here’s the URL of the roadmap: http://edn.embarcadero.com/article/43677
A: Thanks Ian

Q: The only difference as I see regarding mobile development compared to original vendor tools is big size and may be performance. Is that true?
A: Original vendor tools require a separate project and codebase and development cycle for each platform. RAD/Delphi/C++ XE6 you can use one code base for multiple/many devices.

Q: Is Rave Reports and/or Quick Report will be available on XE6 registered users ?
A: FastReport is our only bundled reporting solution.

Q: May you confirm that we can use tethering to connect *from* a desktop App to all devices in the same subnet, so sending text/actions/whatever from desktop App to mobile App?
A: Confirmed

Q: Does the new GPU Canvas for Windows use OpenGL(-ES)?
A: Yes, on Android, iOS and Mac OS X

Q: Can C++ Builder XE6 build and compile open all open source libs and sources, or is that ability not tested?
A: We test with several large libraries like Boost and ACE/TAO for example

Q: does Embarcadero plan to support Windows Mobile? (I don’t remember the exact name they use for the windows used in mobiles)
A: We are monitoring Microsoft’s Windows mobile plans, market uptake, and customer demand closely, we have not yet announced plans for Windows Mobile.

Q: When Delphi’s Quality Central program will be upgraded to JIRA ? We want to see JIRA for Delphi QC Reports
A: Later this year.

Q: Are you planning to expand MacAPI (Mac OSX) support for example MIDICore? I about C++ Builder. thank you
A: Yes, we will continue to expand the framework support for various platform APIs, and there are also 3rd parties and open source providing components for various platform APIs – and of course all native APIs are directly always accessible at any time. One of the powerful benefits of Delphi/C++Builder is the framework and the ability to directly access any API

Q: The XE6 has RTF component for FireMonkey?
A: No RTF component yet

Q: What about support for phones that don’t have NEON?
A: We are investigating other FPU libraries but in XE6 NEON is required

Q: Is tethering supported on internet? when I have web service->through internet line->mobile
A: Intended for near proximity devices, so confined to same subnet – this also provides for the security and encryption. Same for bluetooth support which will follow for tethering later.

Q: Is tethering supported on internet? when I have web service->through internet line->mobile
A: Tethered devices need to be on the same subnet

Q: hallo world app for andriod compiled in xe5 is about 25 meg and load time well too slow about 15 sec, has this been improved in xe6
A: Yes, this should be improved

Q: Is DelphiXE6 stable and fast with very large projects.
A: Yes, IDE stability has been a focus area, in particular, you can do builds of large projects outside of the IDE memory space which helps

Q: Congratulations!!! BaaS and Tethering are very exciting features! Many thanks!
A: Thank you! We’re very excited to see what everyone builds with XE6!

Q: Any migration wizards from older version of Delphi (BDS2006, D6, D7) to target legacy apps to bring them to the new version?
A: We have info and resources for upgrading available at http://www.embarcadero.com/rad-in-action/migration-upgrade-center

Q: We love Delphi
A: We too.

Q: Is the tethering connection encrypted, or can it be (with TLS perhaps)?
A: Tethering is designed for near proximity devices – similar to bluetooth (which will also be added later) – so is intentionally confined to devices on same subnet, so security and encryption are based on your wifi/subnet.

Q: I do not see TMSSoftware showing XE6 capability
A: Well, you might have to give them a few days… we know they are working on supporting XE6

Q: URL for roadmap?
A: http://edn.embarcadero.com/article/43677

Q: can you show the slide with all the XE6 component vendors
A: We’ll post an article on http://edn.embarcadero.com/delphi with that list of partners later today. There is also some info at http://www.embarcadero.com/products/rad-studio/tools-and-components

Q: Hello from Catania, Italy
A: Hi, Giovanni – Marco

Q: The FireMonkey is stable for development of large applications? I miss some things.
A: Yes. Many many performance and stability improvements to FM in XE6.

Q: The What’s New page says that three BaaS are supported, but only lists Kinvey and Parse. Is this a mis-print, or was a third one left out?
A: We’ll look into that. There is a 3rd vendor who is working on support and I expect available soon – and others who we are discussing with adding support. It’s an open interface, any BAAS vendor can build a provider for their service.

Q: Is there support for OS-specific native controls inside FireMonkey forms?
A: You may use any native API directly – but there are also some native API packs available from TMS and opensource such as http://sourceforge.net/projects/dpfdelphiios/

Q: What about DevExpress. Are they yet commited with Delphi development? Did you have any information?
A: The list we showed are just some featured partners who are early to support XE6. There are many more partners planning to support XE6 beyond that.

Q: HI! Im late. Will this webinar downladable?
A: Yes. We will send out a link for the replay within a week.

Q: windows 8 phone support: is that included
A: Not yet natively via Delphi or C++Builder. HTML5Builder supports HTML5 apps on Windows Phone.

Q: Which versions of Windows tablets will XE6 compile apps for?
A: Surface Pro and others will full Windows 8 (not just WIndows RT)

Q: thank you work your work.
A: Thank YOU!

Q: thanx guys – i’m lokking forward …
A: Thank you, we’re looking forward to see what you build!

Q: Are Datasnap webinar and other online events in the pipe?
A: VCL Dev Guide to XE6 webinar with Marco April 30. BaaS with David I and Jim in mid May. DataSnap and REST with Pawel in June. FastReport webinar on May 6.

Q: Does delphi have any help with UML and the OOP design process
A: Delphi has a complete UML designer – which is livesource two-way between source code and model surface. so you can “live” reverse engineer any existing project or use to forward engineer a new or existing project. it is turned off by default, but you can enable under the project manager for any project.

Q: Where can I get the questions and answers recorded with sound not only in written mode?
A: A recording of some of the Q&A will be included in the webinar replay video

Q: Does RAD XE6 Pro come with the mobile addon or do I need to purchase Enterprise or buy the Delphi Mobile addon if I stay at Pro?
A: Delphi Pro is Desktop only (Windows/Mac), and you can add the mobile addon – or get via Enterprise or higher or any RADStudio edition.

Q: When available if have support contract?
A: The notifications went out to Support and Maintenance customers yesterday so it’s available now

Q: The most crucial feature in the next version of what is waiting for us?
A: More of what you’re seeing here. More Datasnap. And more and more performance/platform APIs, and device types.

Q: Does the windows compile options include RT?
A: Not currently no. We continue to monitor the Windows Mobile trends and Microsoft plans.

Q: Does C++ Builder have full support on using UML?
A: Yes, both Delphi and C++Builder have full 2-way UML built in (check the feature matrix for capabilitiy levels).

Q: Are there any additional iOS frameworks wrapped in FM for XE6?
A: Supported OSes are Windows, MacOSX, iOS, and Android. New devices/formfactors directly supported such as Google Glass.

Q: Thanks all of you for give us an excelent product, happy coding
A: Thank you!

Q: Can I install XE5 and XE6 on the same pc?
A: Yes

Q: is the full version of intraweb included in xe6 enterprise or do I have to buy separte, is there any other options to create web apps
A: It is a version that has 20min session limit.

Q: will there be downloads for ipworks/aqtime/infopower? nothing in registered user downloads yet I don’t think?
A: IP*Works and AQtime are there. InfoPower was just previously licensed for a promotion and we have TMS in the current promo so no plans to have another InfoPower download currently.

Q: Can you deploy and commercially sell products using the academic license? What are the academic lisence limitations?
A: No, you can’t. Search for Educational Use in the EULA for more info. http://edn.embarcadero.com/article/43716

Q: May I do reverse direction tethering? From VCL to Android or IOS?
A: Yes. and Yes from any platform to any platform.

Q: Which Indy version is included in XE6?
A: The latest.

Q: Good news. Delphi long life.
A: Thanks!

Q: thank you. i must go.
A: Thanks to everyone for attending!

Q: are XE6 dcu compatible with XE5 dcu – in case of components without source?
A: XE5->XE6 requires recompile

Q: Is there any plans to support importing popular skinning themes file formats as Windows Themes os WindowBlinds in Embarcadero skin editor?
A: Great idea to support directly, but not currently. However many VCL skins have been converted from these formats – and is fairly straight forward using the VCL skin editor.

Q: Where can i buy the starter edition? Why cant i find it, is it free?
A: The Starter editions are paid products available from our online store and our reseller partners. We don’t offer a free edition of Delphi or C++Builder.

Q: Don’t stop growing πŸ™‚ but think about IDE Add ons for UnitTest please…good joob !!!
A: Will do, thanks for the suggestion! and thanks for participating today.

Q: Do you say DelphEE or DelphEYE? (I should know this after 19 years of Delphi!)
A: In the US we generally say EYE. In Europe they mostly say EE. We consider it correct either way πŸ™‚

Q: BaaS as open interface sounds like a new thing! Have Embarcadero proposed a standard that providers are willing to follow to?
A: It’s an open API, but not a proposed standard. However we are working with other BAAS providers who are building providers for their specific BAAS services.

Q: I have Software-Maintenance for XE5 including DBPower-Stuio XE5. Will it be possible to upgrade to DBPowerStudio XE6 by maintanance.
A: If you have an Ultimate Edition license, you can click to download the latest version of DB PowerStudio at the end of your RAD Studio install and then use your RAD XE6 serial number to register it.

Q: Do Maintenance customers have access to the bonus ‘TMS Modern Windows UI Pack’ that comes with XE6?
A: Yes. It’s not there yet but coming soon.

Q: Do Maintenance customers have access to the bonus ‘TMS Modern Windows UI Pack’ that comes with XE6?
A: Yes!

Q: What a great release!
A: Thanks everyone!

Q: Hi ! I loved Delphi 1.0. Lost interest in Delphi after ver 2.0. Is XE6 compelling enough to draw me back to Delphi or related producrs ?
A: Thank you, welcome back!

Q: Thank you, Gentlemen.
A: Thank you!

Q: i think this release will be legend πŸ™‚ good job
A: Thank you so much!

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