GExperts 1.37 available for Delphi XE6..6.02, but not for Appmethod (via: Download | GExperts)


GExperts 1.37 (commit 875, but no tag yet) now supports Delphi XE6 and XE5, and ahost of older Delphi versions. Binary downloads are available at Download | GExperts
These were the release news items:

GExperts 1.37 for RAD Studio XE6 | GExperts.
GExperts 1.37 Release with Support for XE5 | GExperts.

In addition to what is in those items, 1.37contain a substantial speed improvement and some other fixes from me (I hope this fix also will get in later) in the Grep Search.
It is likely that this will be the last GExperts that support Pre-Delphi-2007 versions (currently 2006, 2005, 8.02, 7.1 and 6.02).
It is not clear if there will be a GExperts for Appmethod, as Appmethod does not provide functioning command-line compilers like I already blogged about in Spring4D now has projects for Appmethod, but it cannot support Appmethod in the automated build engine.
You can get an Experimental GExperts version for Delphi XE6..6.02 (that includes a source formatter) from Experimental GExperts Version » twm’s blog.
From Thomas Mueller (the author of the experimental GExperts versions), there are also a few other interesting blog posts you probably will like:

Determine the Delphi installation directory from a batch file » twm’s blog.
Experimental GExperts Version 1.37-2014-04-16 released » twm’s blog.
Experimental GExperts Version 1.37-2014-04-12 released » twm’s blog which is interesting because it shows you how to install GExperts when there is no official installer for it yet. An alternative is to use the batch files that are in my GExperts downloads page. Note I am working on a continuous integration server that will build a couple of open source Delphi projects (the plan is to include GExperts, DUnit and a few others) that makes it easier to publish those builds.
Another way to install GExperts is by calling rundll322, as seen in change 860 and posted on Thomas Mueller – Google+ – I have just added code to the GExperts dll so it can…. Way easier than my batch files.
Windows advanced Batch programming call :bla%var% » twm’s blog which is based on switch statement equivalent in Windows batch file – Stack Overflow.

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