Get More out of StackOverflow


It’s no secret that StackOverflow or SO as it’s commonly referred to is one of the best resources for Delphi enthusiasts. We all have some favorite questions, favorite answers and favorite users out there.What makes StackOverflow so useful are tags. Tags are the single most important feature. Here is a snippet of what you see when you search tags for Delphi:StackOverflow Tag Search – DelphiIf you mouseover a tag there is a little pop-up that gives a description of the tag along with some very interesting links. One of the most interesting links is the “top users” link. This “top users” link is how you can get more out of StackOverflow. By following this link you get a list of which users have answered the most questions and which users have asked the most questions relating to this tag. By drilling down onto the users profile, you can see all the answers and questions this user has participated in.You can very quickly build a list of your favorite StackOverflow Delphi users. Reading answers by these users will most definitely increase your knowledge about Delphi.Delphi Tags Top Users Tags Top Users Fi,Gunny Mikeend.

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