Flotsam and Jetsam #82


Yay!  Flotsam and Jetsam is back!  Did you miss it? Okay, some really interesting things going on with Appmethod.  Appmethod is Embarcadero’s new cross-platform development tool.  For you Delphi/RADStudio types, it appears to be a FireMonkey only IDE with some new connectivity that will be of interest only to mobile developers.  In other words, it is a new aimed squarely at new customers and not “us”.  Anyway, David I has a bunch of links on his blog, including a bunch of nice press coverage.  This new offering appears to me to be aimed squarely at the Xamarin space, as the pricing is very similar.  Should be fun to see how this plays out.  As a side note – if you are a Delphi/RAD Studio person, this product is not for you, and so you need not be upset if the offering and the pricing is not to your liking.  Stick with RAD Studio and cheer on the product as Embarcadero expands into a new market.  This is a good thing – Embarcadero is branching out to reach into the very hot, growing, and important mobile development market.  This is a new, exciting entry into that nascent market.  I for one am hoping for great success for Appmethod, because that can only be good for Embarcadero and thus Delphi.  It represents a whole new revenue stream for the company, and what is good for Appmethod will be good for Delphi.  Some interesting things to note that are going on with Appmethod: You can report bugs not in QualityCentral, but in a public JIRA repository.  That is very interesting. In addition, there appears to be a completely new Embarcadero Community website.  Appmethod is the only app represented there so far, but the rest of the products can be far away. Part of the new community site are public forums. Looks like you can earn points and rank for being an active participant.  I wonder what will happen to the existing ones that support NNTP. I know many folks over there will give up their NNTP readers when you pry them from their cold, dead fingers.  Again, should be interesting. Here’s the Appmethod EULA online for everyone to read. Book Update: As I hope you know, my book is available two ways – in electronic form to people who purchase XE5, and in paperback form from CreateSpace and Amazon.  Many of you have purchased – more than I had hoped, in fact, and I’m really greatful.  Thanks very much, really.  It’s really an honor to have someone buy your book.  If you have purchased the book, I sure would appreciate a review on Amazon – good or bad! – as that really helps other people decide whether to buy.  Thanks to David Schwartz who was the first to do a review on Amazon. Here’s a picture of my book and a cat.  Kind of lost in the shuffle a bit with Appmethod and all is the fact that Embarcadero purchased Erwin From CA Technologies. I find this to be a really interesting move, because when I was at Embarcadero, Erwin was “the enemy” – the product that ER Studio competed most strongly with.  Embarcadero now has two tools that basically do the same thing. I guess they won’t need this page and whitepaper anymore.  It will be interesting to see how that plays out. 

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