CodeRage 8 replays – Embarcadero Technologies – YouTube


For my own link archive: CodeRage 8 replays – Embarcadero Technologies – YouTube.
Lots of nice sessions, including these REST sessions:

Marco Cantu on REST.
Olaf Monien on REST.

About the REST support in Delphi: make sure you take a look at the REST Debugger application, as you get full source code for it and is an excellent starting point to see how the REST components work together (it is written using the FireMonkey UI framework so it runs on a Mac as well as on Windows).
David I explains more about the REST Debugger here: Sip from the Firehose : Using the REST Debugger will help you prototype your Delphi and C++ REST apps.
Jim McKeeth has a really nice video about it as well on XE5 REST Debugger Supercharged | The Podcast at which describes how to use Delphi the Delphi REST tools to use KimonoLabs to scrape data from web sites:
 kimono : Turn websites into structured APIs from your browser in seconds.
RestDemo folder with many examples that connect to many social things (Twitter, FaceBook, DropBox, etc).Filed under: Delphi, Delphi XE5, Development, Software Development

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