Another Broken Link in the Wall


Chris Rolliston recently blogged that the Mobile Pack for Delphi Pro is being discounted 50% until the end of March, so I thought I would check it out.  A percentage  doesn’t tell you anything because retailers sometimes mark up the product so they can discount it by 70% to attract buyers.
I went to Embarcadero’s site and clicked on the store link, thinking why would you ever buy from a reseller?  Then I clicked on the Buy Now link for XE5 and got a contact page.  I tried the Buy Now links for C++ Builder and RAD Studio and both of those work…

It just dawned on me….perhaps you buy from a reseller because they don’t have a tendency to have broken links
I finally found the pricing page for the offer and it might be tempting except that your require XE5.  I still don’t understand how EMBT can sell the Mobile Pack as a separate product when it is so tightly coupled to the version of Delphi.  What good is buying support for the Mobile Pack alone when the next version will likely require XE6 if the trend to date continues?  If you need to upgrade or buy both items and buy SA on both to keep a usable environment, then they are a single product IMHO.

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