The Walking Dead Season Premiere: Starring Delphi


In last nights Walking Dead Season premiere, at 00:52 minute mark, in the Library scene – check out the bookshelf behind Carol. A little Delphi Unleashed goodness. Also an OWL book (the precursor to VCL and later, Firemonkey)! There are also some more Delphi books on the lower shelves. Of course these are all from back when Delphi was Windows only. Today’s Delphi XE5 supports iOS, Android, Mac, and Windows all from a single source code base – helping developers natively support all the major device platforms without the time and cost of developing with multiple tools or settling for a script based approach. Developers are responding in a big way. The new RADStudio XE5 is driving record demand and sales growth for Delphi and RADStudio. And looking at this morning’s CodeRage (Free online developer conference) registrations tally, there will be record attendance to the annual free online developer conference this week. Still time to sign up for free, and join thousands of other developers learning to build scriptfree native multi-device apps for iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac with a single source code base.

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