Delphi XE4 or XE5 with Xcode 5 Codesign Problem Solution


Compiling and Linking an iOS Application with Delphi XE4 or Delphi XE5 works ok but deploying on the Device get an Error (1)?
1. Check PAServer is running and Delphi can connect to the server
2. Check you Certificate Name
After all is fine Delphi can not code sign the app. After long search i found out with Installation of Xcode5 sometime the link to codesign allocate is not set.
You can do this very simple. Start on the Mac a Terminal Session
su ln -s /usr/bin/codesign_allocate /Applications/
after enter you have to type in your admin password cause the link must me created with sudo rights.
after this my Delphi compile, link and deploy the app wonderful to the iPhone device.

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