Delphi / VMWare Fusion / OSX Mavericks / Samsung Android Devices USB Connection Problem solved


First let me say what a horror installation.
Second Delphi has nothing to do with this problem.
What’s going up:
I use a new Samsung Galaxy S4 for developing Android Applications from Delphi. I use a MacMini with running VMWare Fusion 6.01 and a installation of Windows 8.
Connecting the Samsung Device on the MacMini and connect the Device to the Mac OSX and watching with Hardware Growler the Device connects wonderful. But connect the Device with the VMWare Fusion Dialog to Windows the Device is connect/disconnect/connect/disconnect how ever a never ending story.
After hours of search i found the solution and i like to share to the community how to solve this problem.
Please read first all steps, to see the hurdles and then do it
#0 check on you samsung device developer mode is enabled if not here nice video (not from me!). Also in Developer Options enable USB Debugging !
#1 deinstall on your windows machine all Samsung drivers or existing Samsung Kies Application if installed
#2 reboot windows machine (image)
#3 after reboot plug you Samsung device to the mac and root the samsung to windows machine (yes do this we need a log entry)
#4 after some connect/disconnect loops disconnect the device
#5 shut down windows image and quit vmware
#6 navigate on the mac in finder to the vmware image
#7 secondary click or right mouse click on this file and select “Show Package Contents”
#8 search vmware.log file
#9 open this file in a text editor
#10 search for word “samsung”
#11 you find a line like
013-10-31T18:24:16.553+01:00| vmx| I120: USB: Found device [name:SAMSUNG_Android vid:04e8 pid:6860 path:10/1/1/3 speed:high family:vendor,comm serialnum:9c9679c7 arbRuntimeKey:d version:2]
#12 the intresting values are : vid:04e8 pid:6860 (your numbers can be other, depends from model and usa/europe/asia model how ever)
#13 close log file
#14 in the same folder you find a file yourImageName.vmx
#15 open this file in text editor
#16 add this line: usb.quirks.device0 = “0x4e8:0x6860 skip-reset”
you see there are the same number like the interesting value in step #12. but important the first number is the vid value the second the pid. add for each value the chars “0x”
#17 save file and close finder
#18 start vmware and your image
#20 for deploying apps from Delphi you need a USB ADB Debugging Driver from Samsung. The Driver on the samsung web site is old an did not run an windows 7 and 8. do not install this driver !!! you find in the internet many drivers with virus and/or trojan malware. so be carful. i found the last original and code signed driver from samsung incl 32/64 bit and windows 8 functionality on this site:
#21 download and install the driver
#22 reboot windows (!)
#23 now plug in your samsung device
#24 wait for finishing installing on windows driver detection
#25 watch on your phone screen. a message is coming to allow windows access the device 
#26 if message not coming after a minute, disconnect and connect again the device (was on my configuration)
#27 now start delphi, create a new android application, refresh device node under the android node and you see you device
now i know, why i prefer iOS Devices
have fun

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