ITDevCON 2013 – Call 4 Paper


Dear potential ITDevCon speaker,
I’m building the agenda for next ITDevCon that will be held next november 14th, 15th in Verona (Italy), the same location of the past year.
This will be the 5th edition ( we’re getting conference experts J )
The call for papers are officially open right now, so if you want to propose some speeches, I’ll be glad to see it.
As usual, for the Call4Paper I need:

Title (for every talk)
Abstract (for every talk)
Difficulty level (for every talk. Difficulty level is a scale from 1 to 3 with the following mean: introduction, intermediate, advanced)
Speaker’s photo
Speaker’s profile

I’m looking forward to your proposal. The call4papers ends at Aug 31st, 2013 but if you have *VERY* interesting topic to propose, propose it… I’ll try to arrange the schedule and fit it in the agenda.
Send your proposal to call4paper(at)
Proposals will be evaluated and the speakers will be contacted ASAP.
This year topics will be the following:

What’s new in Delphi
FireMonkey: component development, hacking styles, best practices, success cases etc.
iOS development (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch)
MacOSX development
Android clients for Delphi servers
Windows 8.x
Model View View Model (MVVM)
Delphi best practices
Design Patterns: real world use, success cases
DataSnap: intro, success case, tuning, deploing etc
“Unusual” Delphi markets
Delphi + Arduino
Delphi + Embedded Systems
Delphi + Raspberry Pi
Delphi + WebClient Framework (AngularJS, EmberJS, KnockoutJS etc)
Extending Delphi with scripting languages (DWS, Javascript, Lua etc): why? how?
TDD and Unit Tests
Agile methodologies
Dependency Injection
Software engineering
“Hands on” sessions for the most used Delphi frameworks (e.g. Delphi Spring Framework, DORM, TMS Aurelius, OTL etc)
Mobile: UI, UX, optimization
HTML5/SVG/WebGL and Delphi
RTTI, Generics and AnonMethods: Real world cases, success cases.
Web development with Delphi
Real OOP Delphi applications developments
Delphi fundamentals/advanced

Target audience

Software architects
Software developers
Project managers
IT managers

The conference web site is (2013 version is still under construction).
Do you want to see a particular topic or have a suggestion for ITDevCon2013? Let me know
Thanks and see you at ITDevCon 2013.
P.S. This year, ITDevCon will be even more amazing! Stay tuned!

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