ElevateDB Will Soon Support Mac OSX


I’m very excited about a recent tidbit of information I learned regarding ElevateDB. How I came about this piece of info is kind of interesting.I recently upgraded to XE4 Enterprise from D2010 Professional. I have about 7 minutes total FireMonkey experience. My number one goal for 2013 is to get an old D5 application with no database functionality ported over to XE4 with ElevateDB functionality.So, I watched a recent EMBT video about converting a VCL applications to FireMonkey with the use of a converter program that comes with XE4. The presentation was done by Marco Cantu and was very interesting. When Marco was done speaking David I appeared and conducted the Q&A.At 14:32 of the video they show a screenshot of the conversion product website that displays the CD Collector application written by the folks at ElevateSoft. This application is a sample Delphi project that comes with ElevateDB. CD Collecter – Sample Delphi Application that comes with ElevateDBSo, being an absolute FireMonkey noob I wanted to know if this converted FireMonkey version of the CD Collector application would run on a Mac. I just assumed if you successfully convert a VCL application to FireMonkey then “poof” it would automatically run on a Mac. I set out trying to get an answer… I got my answer… NO! The underlying database, in this case ElevateDB, would also have to support the Mac OSX operating system. I asked my question on the ElevateDB support forum and got a surprising answer. “No, it won’t, at least not until we have Mac support for EDB added.  I’m hoping to have it done before the end of summer.”  (read entire thread)That is very exciting news for all of us that use ElevateDB. I have renewed enthusiasm because I now know that if I create a FireMonkey version of my old D5 application using ElevateDB I’ll be able to target the Mac OSX. This a win win for me. I will finally be able to say YES to people who ask if my software is available for the Mac.Thank you EMBT! Thank you ElevateSoft!Product Links:  XE4, ELevateDB, Mida ConverterEnjoy,Gunny Mikeend.

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