If you are an EDN Mobile user, you should upgrade


I have been porting many of my DataSnap REST services from using dbExpress for its database access, to take advantage of the FireDAC data access framework. As a side-effect of this, I’ve had to make a change to the EDN Mobile application to handle a slight difference in datatype in some of the datasets it remotes to clients. In particular, the My Member Services and My duplicate accounts functionality may no longer work as intended with EDN Mobile versions 1.1.4 and prior once I upgrade the REST server.
I intend to upgrade the REST service that EDN Mobile consumes one month from today, so you should have plenty of time to upgrade to the latest version of EDN Mobile (currently 1.1.5). The new version should consume the existing  REST service with no issues.
This upgrade also fixes a bug with the way auto login authentication details were stored, so if you are encountering issues in this area, this upgrade will be beneficial to you.
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