DX.Library : Utility functions for iOS (and other platforms) available via SVN


I just created a DX.Library SubVersion repository at Google and uploaded our DX.Apple.Utils.pas unit as first action.
As a start three functions are available:
Note: there is a dependency to Apple.Utils.pas (and later maybe to other units in the same directory), which ships with XE4, but is NOT in the default library path. That unit can usually be found here:
C:\Users\Public\Documents\RADStudio\11.0\Samples\Delphi\RTL\CrossPlatform Utils

/// <summary>
/// Logs to the console
/// </summary>

procedure NSLog2(const AMessage: string);

/// <summary>
/// Retrieves the vendor specific device ID – DO NOT USE UIDevice.uniqueIdentifier – this would lead to AppStore rejection since May 1st, 2013!
/// </summary>
function VendorIdentifier: string;

/// <summary>
/// checks if the given URL can be openend by any App on the device
/// This is for custom URL schemes like fb://profile/omonien, which would open
/// the Facebook app – if installed on the device – and navigate to the given profile
/// </summary>
function CanOpenURL(AURL: string): boolean;

Contributions are welcome. All code is licensed under The MIT License.

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