XE4 Mobile Tip #1 – Disable the GPU Canvas


If you don’t like circles with jagged edges, you can disable the GPU canvas.
Using the GPU Canvas:

Not using the GPU Canvas:

Full image comparison at 200% using Beyond Compare. Click to enlarge to full size (2600 x 1540).

NOTE: If you see other drawing issues, enable the GPU canvas again just to see if it is a canvas issue.
Disabling the GPU Canvas
To disable the GPU canvas you must modify the project file source.
Add FMX.Platform and FMX.Consts to the uses clause. I suggest adding these items after the FMX.Forms entry but before any other units. You MUST leave System.StartUpCopy as the first unit in the uses clause.
Before Application.Initialize is called, enter this line:
TPlatformServices.Current.GlobalFlags.Add(GlobalDisableiOSGPUCanvas, True);

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