Today we honor You, the App Developer


We dedicate today’s launch of RAD Studio XE4 to you, our user, the developer, the miracle worker who is asked to achieve greatness on a day to day basis.  Today’s launch is the culmination of many months of long hours building an entirely new tool chain for an entirely new platform, iOS.  Our developers have dedicated the last many months and in some cases years to bring you a product that allows you to build true native apps for Windows, Mac OSX and iOS, something no other company offers.  We do this because it’s fun, exciting and we know you’ll love it!
For the first time in many years we’ve released a major version of RAD Studio in a month not called September, how cool is that?  As the rate of technological change continues to accelerate, you can expect Embarcadero to accelerate it’s efforts and releases as well.  Watch for more exciting technology in the months and years ahead. Thank you for your support and we look forward to hearing your thoughts on this exciting new XE4 release.
Best regards, Tony

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