Happy Birthday Delphi – 18 years and looking great!


On February 14th Delphi will be 18. Looking back it sure came a long way from version 1. I remember when I first walked into a Compusa store and bought my first copy of Delphi. I was beside myself with excitement. Moving from Turbo Pascal to Delphi, moving from DOS to Windows development. That was a very challenging and interesting time indeed.
I am proud of have been a part (as a developer) of that journey. Being a Delphi developer wasn’t always easy. But I am very happy I stuck to my conviction that this is the best tool to develop in and didn’t stray away from it.
Exciting times are ahead, as exciting as picking up my very own copy of Delphi 1. I say that because the future looks very promising and exciting. Cross-platform is here and mobile development are just around the corner.
What better time to be  a Delphi developer? I can proudly answer, now!
So raise your glasses and salute our dev tool! Happy Birthday and many more returns!
And thank you to all the people that made a positive difference in making Delphi what it is today!

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