Flotsam and Jetsam #72


Am I weird?  One of the first things I do when I install Delphi is to turn off Brace Matching and Line Highlighting.  I find both of these features incredibly distracting, particularly the Brace Highlighting, which makes it impossible to see where the caret is in the text. 
This article by Hal Berenson should make interesting reading for Delphi folks interested in the economics of development tool vending and the business models around them.  Delphi isn’t mentioned, but it does discuss the changing business model of Visual Studio from within Microsoft and how Adobe’s tool business put pressure on MS and actually changed how they did business.  MS’s  Interesting stuff.
I love Twitter and try to tweet pretty frequently (I’d be honored if you followed me).  One of the fun part of tweeting is seeing the creative and interesting use of hashtags.   One current hashtag that is going around and that is of interest to us Delphi developers is #code2012.  In it, folks are putting the names of the languages that they coded in during the past year.  Someone has a nice graphic that shows the relative popularity – and Delphi isn’t doing too badly.  I just tweeted to help make that Delphi circle just a little bigger. 
Holy cow, I feel like I did when Buffy ended – stunned and saddened.   Žarko Gajić is moving on from his position as the guide for About.Com Delphi.  Žarko has been doing that job for 15 years, and I’m willing to bet that his site is as common a search result as any in the community.  Well done, Žarko, and good luck in your future, Delphi-related endeavors.  And hey, the door is open – anyone willing to step into Žarko’s shoes?

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