XE Plus Pack – Release 11


Release 11 of XE Plus Pack is now available for all supported IDE versions (Delphi XE, Delphi XE2, Delphi XE3).
XE Plus Pack and XE2 Plus Pack now include all features available in XE3 Plus Pack.
Release 11 features:

Visual Forms can now support multiple projects in the same location.

Note: Existing projects with Visual Forms active will need to be rescanned.

Added new commands to the Project Managers’ File Actions menu item.

Open With…
Open with Notepad

Improved Mouse Scrolling of the designer surface for VCL applications.
Minor UI enhancements to dialogs within Visual Forms expert.
Fix issue with the replace capture dialog not displaying the image to use.
Add “Capture Form” command to a forms context menu so it is even easier to update a form within the Visual Forms view if automatic updating is not active.
Support Resolution guidelines being displayed in the FireMonkey designer.

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