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A couple of weeks ago, I implemented a new EDN feature which may have gone unnoticed by many of you. When you log into Member Services, you will now see a new ‘My eligible field tests’ option in the navigation bar to the left.
My eligible field tests navigation element
When you click on this, it will show you a list of any field tests you may be eligible to participate in, due to having a registration for a qualifying Embarcadero product.
Eligible field tests
As of today, this means that all current Delphi XE3, C++ Builder XE3, and RAD Studio XE3 users have access to the Quintessence field test, which will allow you to test and provide feedback on the latest iteration of iOS support in Delphi.
When you find an eligible field test that you think you may want to participate in, click the ‘Sign up’ link to the right of the table, and you will be taken through the field test sign up process. Once you’ve signed up for a field test, clicking this link again should (in a roundabout way) take you to the overview page for that field test. I intend to enhance this further so that any eligible field tests you’ve already registered for will handle this in a more seamless method (think of it as replacing the roundabout with a freeway :-)).
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