XE3 Visual LiveBindings: Samples


Here is a summary of the samples which accompany my XE3 VLB posts.  The samples are grouped by Sourceforge locations.

Observers (post)

VclSampleObservableControls.dpk – Implements an observable TTrackBar
LinkTrackbarToField.dpr – TObservableTrackBar project

Actions (post)

Navigate using actions and TSpeedButton


ListControls (post1, post2)

ListBoxVCL.dpr – Link a TListBox to a field
SimpleListView.dpr – Link a TListView to a field
LiveViewColumns.dpr – Link a TListView to a field and fill multiple columns

Lookups (post1, post2)

LookupListBoxVCL.dpr – Configure TListBox as a lookup list
LookupEditVCL.dpr – Configure a TLabeledEdit as a lookup control
LookupLabelVCL.dpr – Configure TLabel.Caption as a lookup property

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