XE3 Visual LiveBindings: Hiding and showing components


This post describes how to specify which components show on the LiveBindings designer.
Hide/Show Component Classes
To reduce clutter, the LiveBindings designer hides many classes of components. The default settings show most visual control classes and hide most non-visual components classes except for data sources.
The settings are in Tools/Options/LiveBindings:

If there is a component class that you always want to see on the LiveBindings designer, add it to the “Included Items:” field. For example, if you use FireMonkey 3D controls then you’ll probably want to add “TControl3D”.

This setting will cause components derived from TControl3D, like TText3D, to show in the LiveBindings designer.
Hide/Show Component instances
To hide a specific component, right click on the component in the LiveBindings designer and choose “Hide Elements(s)”.

To show a hidden component, use the object inspector to change the LiveBindings Designer properties for the component.

LiveBindings Designer properties for a components supersede the settings for the component’s class in Tools/Options. LiveBindings Designer properties for components are saved in unitname.vlb file with other LiveBindings designer state information.
Link to TForm
The LiveBindings designer can be configured to show the TCustomForm class, but the form instance will not show in the designer until the form is linked.
To configure the LiveBindings designer to show TCustomForm, prepend the “Included Items:” setting with “TCustomForm;”.

A link can be created to a TLabel and then modified using the object inspector.

New FireMonkey application
Drop a TEdit and TLabel on the form
In the LiveBindings designer, link TEdit.Text to TLabel.Text
Select the link component by clicking on the line between the components
In the object inspector, change the “ComponentProperty” property to blank
Change the “Component” property to “Form1”
Change the “ComponentProperty” property to “Caption”
Delete the TLabel component

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