Flotsam and Jetsam #57


I asked this on Twitter, and I’ll ask it here as well:  Does this sound right to everyone? You put things into a list/collection, but you always get them out with an IEnumerable.  (Delphi Spring has such a beast, in case you were wondering…) Apparently Dr. Evil can’t use JSON, as the license – literally – doesn’t allow it.  I wonder if the Wikipedia Patrol will let the last entry on this page stand.  In my experience, the denizens of Wikipedia can be……rather zealous.  So far so good. Hey, I’d like to give a shout out to a staunch Delphi supporter and good guy,  Eko Indriyawan. He’s an Embarcadero Partner and provides RAD Studio training.  If you are in the Southeast Asian region, look him up. DevExpress has published their roadmap for 2012, and of course, it includes information about what they are planning for their VCL controls.  I for one appreciate DevExpress’s continued support of VCL. Make sure you get Update 4 to the RAD Studio Help. As noted above, I have a love/hate relationship with Wikipedia – mostly love – but this kind of entry makes it all worthwhile: Rubber Duck Debugging I myself have solved many a problem by merely typing up a question for StackOverflow or a forum, but the image of a guy talking to the rubber duck is just priceless. (Tip of the cap to Coding Horror) And it seems that RAD Studio’s Update 4 caused some problems with the rendering of fonts in FireMonkey, so it looks like a Hotfix to Update 4 (Update 5?) is in the works.  Here’s an interesting little tidbit that happened to me this week.  I did a “deep system cleansing” on my machine, and decided to change email clients for my nickhodges.com address.  I downloaded and installed Thunderbird, but it absolutely refused to connect to my mail server. Neither the auto-detect nor manual entry would fetch my mail.  So I downloaded Eudora Open Source Edition – which is apparently the same codebase as Thunderbird somewhere back in the history of things – and that worked like a charm.  Eudora OSE detected my settings and had me up and running in about a minute.  Huh.

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