SmartInspect for Delphi XE2


If you are a Delphi developer you likely already know that Embarcadero recently released this year’s Delphi update called Delphi XE2. Delphi XE2 comes with support for 64-bit systems and with multi-platform capabilities. We just released an updated version of our logging tool SmartInspect that supports Delphi XE2 for Windows and Windows 64-bit systems.
Please note that we don’t currently have plans to support SmartInspect for Delphi for Mac OS X and other cross platform targets. As the SmartInspect logging library for Delphi makes heavy use of the Windows APIs for performance reasons, we first want to wait on how popular the Delphi cross platform capabilities will become. If Delphi for Mac OS X becomes more popular we will certainly consider supporting this environment as well.
If you are a registered customer you can download the new version from our customer portal. You can also download the updated trial version to try SmartInspect for free. Just let us know in case you have any questions or feedback about the new version.

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