Flotsam and Jetsam #42


Interesting Delphi XE2 Item of the Week:  TComponent now implements the Observer pattern.  Very Cool Video of My Friends and Former Co-Workers of the Week: FireMonkey Developers Speak I have to say that: It is a really nicely and professionally done video.  Way to go Marketing guys. It was fun to see guys I know doing a video like this.  Go Karl!  Go Henry!  I really enjoyed that. And while we are at it, here’s another very well done video about VCL Styles. In fact, why not subscribe to the Embarcadero video channel? I have fleshed out my Embarcadero Blog Content page that includes links to the two main series of articles that I wrote on my Embarcadero blog.  I still have some formatting to do, but the content should be all there.  I’m trying to grab all the content I can from my old Embarcadero blog, as they need to shut it down for legal reasons (as I understand….).  If you can think of anything I did there worth keeping (that might be be  hard, I know….. ) let me know. "It is always painless to depend on interfaces." Hey, I take my position as an Admin at the Delphi UserVoice page seriously, and I’ve been a bit busy.  The XE2 release has made things a little more fun there… I just marked as "Completed" over 3800 votes on Delphi’s UserVoice page. Not bad for a day’s work.  And not bad by Embarcadero in delivering all that asked for functionality. Now, with all those votes freed up, the most requested item is Better GUI separation and abstraction.  Is that really the thing that the community wants most? I closed a bunch of “laundry list” items that would be impossible to close.  They were things like “Make the IDE Better” with a list of seven things they wanted to see.  How could you ever really close that as “Done”?  I encouraged the posters to create new requests for each individual request instead. I’d recommend all you fine people go there and enter your requests as well as peruse the list and cast your votes. I’ve been trying to build things with my son, and  being a boy, he likes weapons and destruction.  We started with a trebuchet.  I think it will likely be a while before we work our way up to this, but hey, we can dream. 

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