Flotsam and Jetsam #35


Want to earn a free license of the very cool IDE add-in, Document Insight from DevJet?  You can by giving them the best slogan for the product.  I’m a very happy Document Insight user, and I’m hoping that Embarcadero will just buy the thing and include it with Delphi.  Short of that, I recommend that if you want to add the very powerful /// comment documentation to your code libraries, you get a copy of Documentation Insight. I am sorry to say that I have done a great disservice to the excellent Emballo project.  In this blog post I said that the Emballo project was released under the GPL, and that is not correct.  It is in fact released under the LGPL, a completely different animal.  My error makes a huge difference, and I regret the error.  I’ve corrected the original article.  I haven’t worked on THTMLWriter in a while, but I’m planning on updating it soon to support the new HTML5 tags.  But I’m curious – is anyone out there using it “in real life”?  I’d love to hear about it if you are. (by the way, I thought the results from this search were pretty funny….) Don’t be shy about expressing your opinion over on StackExchange’s Programmers site. Marco points out that Embarcadero has trademarked the interesting term “FireMonkey”.  Can’t wait to see that logo.  For all you Castalia users – Jacob Thurman has a survey for you. 

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