Random Thoughts on the Passing Scene #156


“The board "highly recommended" switching to Pascal/Delphi because it is stable and was designed to teach programming and problem solving.”
Cary Jensen has an interesting survey up on his blog, asking about how much you use the “non-core” features of RAD Studio.  Now this is an interesting question. He’s asking particularly about the unit testing, audit, metrics, and design patterns features on the product.  Now these are some unheralded features, particularly the audits and metrics.  Cary’s a little inaccurate in that while the Together product did go with Borland, the codebase that was Together for Visual Studio and which was eventually adapted into the RAD Studio IDE came with us to Embarcadero and continues to advance and evolve.  In fact, the modeling and the accompanying features like audits, metrics, and the code formatter are all alive and quite well and being improved as we speak.  But in any event, I’ll be curious to see the outcome.  Please do go and fill out the survey, and if you aren’t using those features, please give them a look.  There is a lot of power there.
I did a podcast with Jim McKeeth for The Delphi Podcast.  Unfortunately, it stopped recording in the middle, so I guess it will be a two parter. 
I’ve been using Evernote more and more these days. Interesting service, and free for up to 40MB a month, which is far more than I’m using now.  I haven’t upgraded to their Premium services yet, but I can see that coming.  It’s really just a cloud app – I can make and view notes on the web and my computer, and then view them on the web, my Android phone, anywhere. 

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