Random Thoughts on the Passing Scene #153


Andreano has a new blog, or at least it is new to me – just found it today.  He has two items there that caught my eye:

His RADTweet project – a Delphi-based Twitter client – is online.  He has wisely put it on SourceForge for easy access, downloading, and updating. 
A project that shows how to do HTTP authentication with DataSnap
While you are at it, check out his post on “Using LINQ to Objetcs in Delphi Prism”.

The inestimable Mike Rozlog is on a hot streak, and he continues to give cool and interesting Webinars.  His latest is “Mastering Database Application Development with Delphi”.  Once again, he’ll be giving the webinar at three times during the day of 14 April 2010, so no matter where you are in the world, you should be able to attend one of them. 
These marketing people are busy.  What to know about RAD In Action regarding building database applications?  There’s a web page for that. 
Julian Bucknall, the CTODX (Chief Technology Officer of Developer Express) has an update for their VCL customers.
My mentioning of our move caused a bit of a stir in the comment section.   A couple of more thoughts on it.  I can only speak for myself, but so far it is working out pretty well.  I like the new space.  I like my cube.  I like that everyone is fairly close together but not too close.  Our previous space was waaaaay  to big for us, and you could go weeks without seeing someone from Sales or Support.  Now, we are are all in one space, and it feels more like we are one team, which of course we are.  I like that this new place is a good fit.  I like that this place is significantly more appropriate and significantly less expensive that our previous space.  I like that this place is a new start. I like that we have a gigabit network.  I like that we have projectors hanging from the ceilings in the conference rooms.  I like that it is closer to the shopping mall across the street. But most of all, I like that it represents a significant investment in and commitment to our team. So for me, this is a big win.

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