Repositorios lazarus testing


Thinking about what it is sometimes difficult for beginner Lazarus install a Linux system, I’ve created some repositories to facilitate their work.Here instructions. Repository Lazarus / testing FPC versions The version of Lazarus is the 0.9.25 revision 15753 compiled with GTK2 in ide and packages, which works perfectly in our labs (delphi 7 is a steroid): PThe version 2.3.1 is freepascal super testing, just to risky (though not confess has given us a single complaint, on the contrary)Following the instructions.Repositories Lazarus and freepascal testing.There’s no guarantee at all! Use it at your own risk.Installation instructions:Add the key GPGgpg –keyserver hkp:// –recv-keys F93F2601Add the key to APT system: gpg –export F93F2601 | sudo apt-key add -Check whether the key was built:sudo apt-key list Add the repository to its list of repositoriesYou can use synaptic or edit / etc / apt / sources.list directly. Add the line:deb lazarus-testing universeInstall Lazarussudo apt-get updatesudo apt-get install lazarusEnjoy!Namaste.

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